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IUS Helps Launch SureFoot | February 23, 2012

After two years of work, IUS Senior Research Associate Dr. Gina Sylvestre was on  hand to help launch SureFoot, an online winter sidewalk condition advisory for pedestrians. As reported in the Winnipeg Free Press,

Beginning today, the City of Winnipeg plans to issue daily assessments of winter-walking conditions for the entire city, utilizing the city’s website and 311 service, social media sites Twitter and Facebook and bulletins sent to media outlets. The measure is intended to give seniors and other people with mobility issues a better sense of the conditions they may encounter outside, said Gina Sylvestre of the University of Winnipeg’s Institute for Urban Studies, which helped develop the program. The bulletin breaks down the overall condition of streets and sidewalks across the city into four general categories — easy, moderate, difficult and hazardous. It does not, however, assess the condition of specific streets or sidewalksSureFoot may…cut down on the $164-million annual cost of treating Manitobans who are injured as a result of falls, said Dr. Lynne Warda of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.”

For additional coverage, see the CBC website and Metro.


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