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IUS Researcher Argues for More Density | May 17, 2012

Well-known local blogger Robert Galston, author of The Rise and Sprawl, is also employed at IUS as a researcher. While reporter Bartley Kives is away on assignment, Robert has been providing urban commentary in the pages of the Winnipeg Free Press. His latest op-ed considers barriers to implementing greater density in Winnipeg’s older neighbourhoods. He writes,

Increasing density in older neighbourhoods does not have to mean the proliferation of large apartment blocks; there is a variety of housing types that would be much more finely scaled to streets lined with single-family houses. Secondary suites (in the attic, or at the back of the lot), two- to four-unit condos, and townhouses are all options that are currently overlooked by Winnipeg’s planning regulations.

There are numerous ways to increase a neighbourhood’s density without significantly or suddenly altering its physical character. As long as zoning regulations make low-density development a matter of course, and moderately dense development an arduous uncertainty, Winnipeg’s best urban neighbourhoods will continue to lose the chance to become even greater.”


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