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Rooming Houses are Rooms Without a View | May 17, 2012

Back in 2002, the Institute of Urban Studies produced a report on rooming houses in Winnipeg entitled Out of the Long Dark Hallway. The report’s findings ended up informing the building of a number of pocket suites, or houses featuring multiple units, each with their own entrance. In the May 12th edition of the Winnipeg Free Press, IUS Director Jino Distasio provided further commentary on this issue in an op-ed entitled Room Without a View, in which he notes,

Manitoba must move quickly to develop not a fuzzy plan about ending homelessness but one that has targets that are well-articulated and met. We have had a strong history in Winnipeg of community and government involvement. We pioneered the use of tripartite agreements more than 30 years ago, which saw billions spent on urban development and housing. But as of late, both Winnipeg and Ottawa have backed away. Broadway could lead by taking a bold step to drastically reduce the numbers languishing in inadequate housing and address serious health issues of the homeless, including mental illness and chronic disease.

To move forward, the city must step up enforcement while the provincial and federal governments must commit funding to develop, manage, build and repair all forms of housing.”


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